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Website Enhancements - Maps
Posted on Sep 13th, 2011

After receiving several requests to add some sort of map feature to The Reserve website, we have come up with some enhancements that we hope you will find of benefit. You can find these enhancements in two different places.
The first enhancement is in the form of a link to the Archuleta County website that contains property information that the County maintains in the public domain records. You will find the link to this website under the Municipal Information – Archuleta County heading on the Sites of Interest page of our website. Click on Property Search and you will be taken directly to the map feature on the Archuleta County website. Click on Search Instructions to see a very basic description of how you might navigate through their website to find information about each and every lot here at The Reserve. Disclaimer – this link is to a website maintained by Archuleta County and we have no control over the content or the accuracy of the content.
The second enhancement for maps can be found on the Documents page of our website under the Special Documents heading. We will begin to add maps of The Reserve, and possibly even Pagosa Springs, as they can be made available in digital form. The first map that you will see is a plat map for The Reserve showing the lot boundaries as originally defined by the developer.