The Reserve at Pagosa Peak
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Directors and Committees - 2022/2023
Board of Directors                                                        Group -
President - Steve Earle - term expires 2024     
Vice President - Holly Boyd - term expires 2025      
Secretary - Randy Cooper - term expires 2024   
Treasurer - Rick Holter - term expires 2026                  
Director - Dave Smith- term expires 2025        
Architectural Review Committee                                Group -
Board Liaison- Rick Holter                                    
Member - Mark Langford - term expires 2023  
Member - Jackie Brittain - term expires 2024  
Member - Francisco Tamayo - term expires 2024
Financial Committee
Board Liaison - Rick Holter          
Member - Mark Langford
Member - Timm Smith
Member - Margaret McClure

Common Grounds Committee
Board Liaison - Steve Earle          
Chairperson - Valerie Tulley
Member - Roz Earle
Member - Janine Haley
Member - Faye Troisi
Website Administration
Mark Langford                               
Guest House Administration
Margaret McClure                        
Entry Gate Administration
Jack Schricker