The Reserve at Pagosa Peak
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Directors and Committees - 2019/2020
Board of Directors
President - Randy Cooper (Term expires 2020)        
Vice President - Dave Smith (Term expires 2022)          
Secretary - Jeff Pedersen (Term expires 2021)            
Treasurer - Steve Earle (Term expires 2021)                         
Director - Bart Cox (Term expires 2022)                   
Architectural Review Committee  
Board Liaison - Randy Cooper      
Member - Timm Smith                   
Member - Faye Troisi                     
Member - Ronda Higby                  
Financial Committee
Board Liaison - Steve Earle          
Member - Dave Smith
Member - Bart Cox
Member - Rick Haley
Member - Timm Smith

Common Grounds Committee
Board Liaison - Steve Earle          
Chairperson - Valerie Tulley
Member - Roz Earle
Member - Pam Schricker
Member - Janine Haley
Member - Faye Troisi
Website Committee
Webmaster - Jack Schricker        
Property Owner Liaison
Dave Smith                                   
Guest House Administration
Jack & Pam Schricker                  
Entry Gate Administration
Jack Schricker